Where Supply Meets Demand

nToggle creates virtual scale for programmatic buyers and sellers, delivering heightened traffic efficiency that’s critical to thriving amidst the tidal wave and complexity of today’s programmatic advertising.  

nToggle technology enables expanded access to all leading traffic sources while reducing server capacity costs. You’ll possess the power to scale inventory (5X+) while greatly reducing the amount of traffic hitting your system (80%+). Capitalizing on virtual scale enables programmatic buyers and sellers to deliver more revenue with less traffic.

Toggling matches supply with demand by compressing traffic into a concentrated bidstream of relevant ad opportunities. nToggle's proprietary algorithms and software Toggle (filters) real time bid requests - utilizing big data and machine learning techniques to optimally match supply and demand across all digital media. It drives immediate and significant business impact for both programmatic buyers and sellers.

Our AutoToggle machine learning algorithm suite optimizes traffic delivery to a level that is beyond humanly possible. It pinpoints the inventory that best matches specific advertiser demand and Toggles out the rest. And it continuously adjusts the shape of delivered traffic in order to dynamically respond to the ever-shifting needs of the marketplace.

We never get in your way. nToggle’s highly performant architecture and reliable system add negligible latency to the bid request transaction. Its proven to operate seamlessly for a full range of programmatic sellers and buyers.

Getting started is fast and easy. No development work is required and activation typically takes place just 24 to 72 hours.