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Ben Gordon

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

With more than 20 years of Internet and software experience, Ben is a well traveled architect and technologist.  He has served as chief architect at Millennial Media, Jumptap, and AOL. 

Most recently, Ben served as the chief architect for Millennial Media where he led the technology vision and post-Jumptap acquisition integration team.  At Millennial Media, Ben held technical and operational platform oversight of technical assets, audience, ad serving and data warehouse infrastructure.  Ben joined Jumptap in 2010 as Chief Architect to pursue his desire to pioneer mobile AdTech.  While at Jumptap Ben designed and led the team developing a ground breaking mobile first cross-device data management platform (DMP.)  He is named as a co–inventor of three US Patents for these technologies. 

Prior to Jumptap, Ben re-architected the legacy ad serving system and led the delivery of the AdLearn yield optimization system at  While at AOL and with the advent of the “open web”, Ben switched his focus to architecting web publishing systems and Ad Serving platforms; using and contributing to open source, while being an advocate for open standards.  Ben was also the technical due diligence lead at AOL for the Sphere, StudioNow and Pictela acquisitions.  During the early consumer Internet days, Ben designed and developed proprietary Internet scale distributed systems, high performance messaging infrastructure, and built service oriented architecture (before the term was coined by Gartner.) 

Ben possesses historical and cutting edge technical knowledge that stems from a deep understanding of how things work. Ben’s passion is technology and he spends time implementing and learning new technologies based on industry trends.  Ben still writes production code and is currently experimenting with high frequency trading systems written in Scala running on Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) at native code speed.