Bidtellect™ Partners with nToggle™ to Amplify Native Programmatic Advertising Scale with Superior Infrastructure Economics

Scale Increased Seven-Fold with Existing Bidtellect Infrastructure, Freeing Resources to Focus on Innovation and Differentiation

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. & BOSTON--Bidtellect, the Native platform built for marketers, today unveiled a seven-fold scale increase and substantial economic benefits of its relationship with nToggle, Inc. Bidtellect now delivers more Native ads more cost efficiently for thousands of premium advertisers by utilizing nToggle’s programmatic traffic shaping platform.

nToggle’s deep machine learning enables Bidtellect to automatically access vastly more premium supply scale without incurring additional CapEx. Rather than spending precious capital to evaluate the ever-expanding universe of programmatic supply, Bidtellect relies on nToggle to curate a highly concentrated supply stream that closely matches Bidtellect’s campaigns, significantly enhancing the company’s already market leading Native programmatic supply capabilities and scale.

In early 2016, Bidtellect pointed select supply partners to nToggle as an alternative to building out costly infrastructure. The supply partners opened up all of their available traffic. nToggle received and optimized this vast increase in supply, enabling Bidtellect to deliver more Native ads and media spend for its clients.

nToggle hunts through vastly more traffic than previously economically feasible for Bidtellect. Each programmatic ad opportunity that passes through nToggle is evaluated in real-time for millions of attribute combinations and user identifiers that match Bidtellect’s unique demand. nToggle’s machine learning reacts to changes in demand patterns, ensuring that Bidtellect is always receiving the ideal mix of traffic for its clients’ campaigns.

For example, the algorithm picks up on demand patterns on the most important attributes - such as Native ad opportunities, AT&T iPhone 7 users in New York City ZIP Code 10010, who are using the Words With Friends app in the morning hours - and routes traffic accordingly.

Bidtellect’s bid rates increased as much as 300%, demonstrating nToggle’s effectiveness in delivering more relevant ad opportunities. Meanwhile revenue on supply partners managed by nToggle increased 30%, once again proving the higher yield delivered through the nToggle platform.

“nToggle enables Bidtellect to see all of the traffic for users that we want to retarget that would otherwise be cost prohibitive,” said Jeremy Kayne, chief technology officer at Bidtellect.

“The result of our work together has been to increase the considered inventory by 7.4 times, making Bidtellect one the largest global Native platforms,” said nToggle co-founder and CEO Adam Soroca. He continued, “Without the burden of managing scalability challenges, Bidtellect can now focus its investments on the innovation required to deliver the most insightful Native Advertising possible.”

Since Bidtellect initially launched with nToggle in the United States, the footprint has expanded to Europe, making Bidtellect one of only a few companies with the effective scale to deliver high volume Native campaigns while improving its infrastructure economics.

About Bidtellect

Bidtellect is the leading paid content distribution platform providing marketers with one platform to execute Native campaigns across all formats and devices including text, imagery and video. Marketers leverage Bidtellect’s proprietary real-time optimization algorithms, first- and third- party data targeting, advanced KPI optimization and a team of industry experts, to drive real results for paid content distribution campaigns to deliver smart advertising. Bidtellect delivers access to the world's most expansive Native ecosystem of premium placements in order to achieve unparalleled scale.

The company is headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida and was launched in 2013 by the digital media industry’s most successful ad tech pioneers.

About nToggle

nToggle delivers heightened efficiency and transparency for buyers and sellers amidst the rapid rise of programmatic advertising. Its algorithm-driven platform helps supply and demand companies manage the ever expanding bid stream. Operating globally, nToggle’s big data platform “toggles” real time bidding requests across all digital media utilizing the latest analytical and machine learning techniques to optimally match supply and demand. For more information, visit us at